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Dissemination of energy efficiency measures in the public buildings sector

The DEEP project promoted opportunities in improving energy efficiency through high environmental standards for public office buildings. European public procurement criteria and guidance for building materials, insulation standards, and green electricity were developed. The project also produced the...


Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network

Initiated and co-ordinated by ICLEI, Procura+ is a network of European public authorities and regions that connect, exchange and act on sustainable and innovation procurement.


Assistant Buildings’ addition to Retrofit, Adopt, Cure And Develop the Actual Buildings up to zeRo energy, Activating a market for deep renovation.

ABRACADABRA is based on the prior assumption that non-energy-related benefits play a key role in the deep renovation of existing buildings. In particular, ABRA actions focus on the creation of a substantial increase of the real estate value of the existing buildings through a significant energy and ...