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AQUA-Water Resources Protection at the Local Level

Water Resources Protection at the Local Level. Activities and Contacts

To collect existing information and technical expertise on local water management and transform it for adequate communication to relevant stakeholders and the general public involved in Local Agenda 21 processes in order to promote sustainable water management.

LAREM Online

Local and Regional Energy Management Online Information Service

The project involved developing an online database to provide a central access point where experiences of local and regional energy agencies in Europe could be documented. It was designed to disseminate good examples of local and regional energy management to as wide an audience as possible. It is...

Good Practice Guide

Green Purchasing Good Practice Guide

The Guide provides local government purchasers with practical information and good practice examples on how to carry out green public procurement in practice.

The European Green Fleets Project

The European Green Fleets Project,- Buying Efficient-

This project was developed to enable local authorities reduce CO2 emissions from their vehicle fleets.

Local ecoInstruments

European Commision Advanced Study Course on Local ecoInstruments Environmental Management and Economic Instruments for Local policy


Collecting good practices and raising awareness on socially responsible public procurement

The European Commission (EC) will produce a report that collects good practices on socially responsible public procurement (SRPP), and ICLEI is are supporting the EC to identify these outstanding examples from local, regional, national and European buyers. ICLEI will also contribute to a raising awa...

European CCP Campaign

European Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) Campaign

The European Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) Campaign forms part of a worldwide movement started in 1993. It addresses climate change mitigation (minimizing the human impact on global warming by reducing the release of harmful emissions) and adapting to climate change at the local level. The CCP...

Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis

The Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis (German Sustainability Award) is an annual award for sustainability that recognizes outstanding achievements by companies, local governments and individuals.


Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network

Initiated and co-ordinated by ICLEI, Procura+ is a network of European public authorities and regions that connect, exchange and act on sustainable and innovation procurement.