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Utilization of private land for mainstreaming nature-based solution in the systemic transformation towards a climate-resilient Europe.

LAND4CLIMATE aims to deploy and demonstrate the implementation of nature-based solutions (NBS) on private land. NBS are inspired by nature or natural processes. They promise to enhance the resilience of landscapes and urban settlements. However, the implementation of NBS still in its infancy, especi...

European Heritage Hub

The European Heritage Hub will position cultural heritage as a driving force for Europe's climate, social and digital transformations.


Facing inequalities and democratic challenges through co-production in cities

Fairville intends to address embedded urban inequalities and the challenge this poses to democracy in large cities and urban regions. It will do so by intervening in low-income neighbourhoods that face a growing distance from the institutions and processes of representative democracy. Fairville reim...


ECOsystem-Based Governance with DAnube Lighthouse Living Lab for Sustainable Innovation Process

The 2030 & 2050 Green Deal goals push the EU towards integrated solutions & clear targets. EcoDaLLi, embedded in the Mission ‘Restore our Ocean, seas & waters by 2030’ will help achieve freshwater targets of the European Green Deal, integrating a systemic approach for restora...


As the current Coordination and Support Action for the CIVITAS Initiative, MUSE primarily engages in support activities to boost the impact of CIVITAS Community activities on sustainable urban mobility policy. 
Its main objectives are to:

Act as a destination for knowledge developed by the ...


Rethinking how we move

REALLOCATE transforms streets into inclusive, green, safe and future-proof urban spaces, where communities live and thrive. The project enables researchers, mobility experts,  urban planners and local citizens to collectively re-imagine our cities and redesign how we move from one place to anot...


Next Generation Solutions for Sustainable, Inclusive, Resource-efficient and Resilient Cultural Heritage

The overall vision of INHERIT is to create a systematic methodology, accompanied by leading-edge Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and (big) data analytics, and associated social/ behavioral practices, towards sustainabl...

Urban ReLeaf

Citizen-powered data ecosystems for inclusive and green urban transitions

Urban ReLeaf delivers citizen-powered data ecosystems to support cross-sectoral innovation and political agenda setting for climate change adaptation and green infrastructure planning in urban environments.
Nature-based Solutions, such as the expansion of urban greenspace and planting of trees, can...


European City Facility

Municipalities, local authorities, and local public entities are the driver of the European sustainable energy transition. With tremendous potential to build comprehensive sustainable investment programmes, they also play a key role in pooling smaller projects into larger investment portfolios and i...