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Hubs for Circularity European Community of Practice

Hubs for Circularity (H4C) aim to be European resource efficiency beacons, driving circular resource use and emissions reduction through industrial-urban symbiosis. The European Community of Practice (ECoP) supports H4C demos and fosters knowledge sharing for widespread adoption across Europe.


Deal Engine with finance, investment and technical expertise for the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative

DEFINITE-CCRI will launch an assistance programme dubbed a “Deal Engine Mechanism” to provide technical and financial assistance to circularity projects, demonstrate their bankability and increase the investors’ trust in circular economy innovation. Investments are expected to exceed €80 mil...


Systemic Innovations Towards a Zero Food Waste Supply Chain

Food waste is an enormous burden on the global food system, with a third of all food produced globally going to waste. This has a big impact on resource exploitation and world hunger. The EU-funded ZeroW project aims to reduce Food Loss & Waste (FLW) along the food supply chain, contributing to ...


Shifting school meals and schools into a new paradigm, addressing public health and territorial, social and environmental resilience

Schools have the potential of being the place where young people learn about healthy diets and where a sustainable food culture can be promoted and experienced.
The EU-funded “SchoolFood4Change” (SF4C) project builds on this potential, seeing schools and school meals as catalysts for sy...


Alliance for Local green deaLs and Innovative Action for resileNt Cities and Enterprises

ALLIANCE brings together the cities of Espoo (Finland), Mannheim (Germany) and Umea (Sweden) and their local SME organisations and social economy partners into a “Local Green Deal Leadership Group”, a platform to exchange good practices, discuss challenges and support each other in the implement...


Collaborative Local Impact in Aalborg and Amsterdam

CLIMAA brings together the cities of Aalborg (Denmark) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and the Network for Sustainable Business Development (Aalborg), MKB Amsterdam and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability to:
• Co-create a working methodology to engage and onboard local SMEs regarding...

Fair Local Green Deals

Fair Local Green Deals

The Cities of Valencia, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Wroclaw, Lodz and Ghent have joined forces with ICLEI Europe to implement the Fair Local Green Deals Project. The project puts participation at its core, aiming to find a unique tailored approach for involving citizens and other local stakeholders in each of ...


AdvanCing behavioural Change Through an INclusive Green deal

The ACCTING project produces knowledge and innovations to advance behavioural change for an inclusive and equal European Green Deal.


DigitAl and physical incrEmental renovation packaGes/systems enhancing envIronmental and energetic behaviour and use of Resources

Responding to the urgent need for a Renovation Wave to future-proof Europe's buildings, the AEGIR project develops solutions to make renovations quicker, faster and less disruptive. To this end, project partners are pioneering industrialised and modular systems as well as digital tools. Amongst othe...