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The Fano Guidelines

Building Capacity for Local Sustainability
Case Study

Smart City Factsheets

Set of smart solution factsheets developed in the GrowSmarter project. Topics range from Low Energy districts to Integrated Infrastructure and E-mobility.

Book: Local Governments and Climate Change

Sustainable Energy Planning and Implementation in Small and Medium Sized Communities

Climate change is a serious environmental, security and socio-political challenge. Its impact is already visible at community level around the globe. Tackling this challenge requires urgent action, with the engagement of local governments and communities needed.
The focus of Local Governments and Climate Change is on how small and medium-sized communities in Europe are effectively responding to climate change, with a particular focus on different approaches used in sustainable energy planning ...

RUGGEDISED Smart City Project - Animated

Animated presentation of the RUGGEDISED smart city project, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union.

ROCK Factsheet : Living Labs for cultural-led urban regeneration

Living Labs support cities in addressing social, economic and environmental challenges. They are sites to collaboratively design and test innovations, whether social or technical. These laboratories are tailored to their local socio-cultural environments and link co-creative methods with new technologies
to make cultural heritage a driving force for urban regeneration processes.
Press release
18 September 2018

CIVITAS Forum 2018 - Moving towards Europe's inclusive and multimodal mobility future

The magnitude of transport’s social dimension is becoming increasingly clear - mobility shapes lives and prospects. It is vital that transport systems are environmentally friendly, inclusive, efficient, and centred on meeting diverse user needs. Yet how can this be accomplished?
Under the banner of "Mobility for U and Me", this year's CIVITAS Forum, which is taking place from 19-21 September in Umeå, Sweden, will examine this critical question.

Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities, the ROCK project.

ROCK stands for Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities. The project relies on a "circular model" as an integrated vision of urban regeneration. This circular model is based on 6 connected pillars: creative, cultural, regeneration, knowledge, security and green circles that interconnect to draw the future of cities.
Guidance document

Guidance for public authorities on Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI)

This Guide is aimed primarily at those who areresponsible for planning and executing procurementprocedures (procurers). It offers detailed informationabout the ‘why, what and how’ of PPI, includingcase studies from public authorities across Europe,explanations of procedures, definitions and answers tocommon questions. It may also be of interest to policymakers, consultants, private companies and otherswho have a stake in successful PPI. There is a growingcommunity of individuals and ...
Guidance document

Smart SPP - Driving sustainable innovation through public procurement in your region

A practical guide for public authorities