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Press release
13 November 2017

Addressing climate change through procurement: 3rd High Level Event of the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement at COP 23

Eight ambitious cities from across the globe came together on Saturday 11 November at COP23 to reaffirm their commitments to use their procurement activities as a means of tackling climate change.
Mayors, Deputy Mayors and other political representatives from the cities of Auckland (New Zealand), Budapest (Hungary), Cape Town (South Africa), Denver (USA), Ghent (Belgium), Oslo (Norway), Seoul (South Korea) and Tshwane (South Africa) were speaking at the 3rd annual High Level Assembly of the Glo...
Press release
08 November 2017

Online toolbox for bio-based procurement to make buyers’ lives easier

Today the European project InnProBio launched an online toolbox for bio-based procurement in the public sector. The toolbox is designed to assist public buyers considering alternatives to plastics produced from fossil fuel based materials. The toolbox includes an online database of bio-based products and suppliers, good practice examples, procurement instruments and standard tender text blocks. The toolbox is available in English, German, Dutch and Polish.
The toolbox is meant to be a starting ...
Press release
25 October 2017

Major enhancements made to European Energy Planning Tool

An EU-funded research project, Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE), has added major new features to its energy planning tool. The Pan-European Thermal Atlas (Peta4), assesses heating and cooling demand, efficiency, and supply across Europe, supporting cities and industry in their efforts to decarbonise the heating and cooling sector.
A free interactive online map, it gives visual and technical data on the location and scale of heating and cooling datasets, and its latest update, Peta4.2, incorporates var...
Press release
18 October 2017

Procura+ Awards 2017: Winners announced

The winners of the 2017 Procura+ Award were announced at an award ceremony held last night in Tallinn (Estonia) in the context of Estonia’s Presidency of the EU. The ceremony was held as part of the eafip Conference on Innovation Procurement.
The jury, made up of an international panel appointed by ICLEI, the coordinator of the Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network, rewarded procurers from Finland, the Netherlands and the UK. Each took home one award respectively: Sustainable ...
Press release
29 September 2017

PPI4Waste project concludes with international conference in Brussels

After almost three years, the PPI4Waste project ended with an international conference in Brussels (Belgium) on 12 September 2017. Experts and participants concluded that more cooperation is needed to support public procurement of innovation (PPI) and help increase the uptake of innovative solutions for waste management.
Public procurement of innovation (PPI) is a powerful tool to foster innovation and leverage the market, but is still widely regarded as a complicated process by most public aut...
Press release
28 September 2017

Transformative Action Award 2017: Shortlist revealed: Rewarding Transformative Actions to create productive, sustainable and resilient cities

The Sustainable Cities platform has announced the shortlisted candidates for the Transformative Action Award 2017.
The award, funded by the Basque Country and the City of Aalborg (Denmark), rewards current or concluded Transformative Actions that address the pathways of the Basque Declaration related to three categories: socio-cultural transformation, socio-economic transformation, and technological transformation.
The jury, made up of Cor Lamers (Chair of the ENVE Commission, European Committ...
Press release
18 May 2017

Cities pledge to transform societies towards sustainability to create a more cohesive Europe

Local governments affirmed their willingness to take major, transformative steps towards greater sustainability at the ICLEI European Membership Assembly, vocalising the need to engage all sectors of society in this transition to prevent European democracies from fracturing further.
Over 100 participants attended the ICLEI-organised event, which took place at the BEL conference centre in Brussels over two days. The Membership Assembly was convened to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establ...
Press release
07 March 2017

New EU research tool makes energy planning for governments easier

An EU-funded research project has launched a tool that allows European governments, businesses, consultants, academics, planners and energy enthusiasts to assess thermal resources and thermal demand in any given region.
The Pan-European Thermal Atlas (Peta4), launched today in Brussels, is an interactive online map of the heating and cooling demand, efficiency and supply in Europe. Created by the Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE) project, it provides visual and technical data for heating and cooling pr...
Guidance document

RAMSES Transition Handbook and Training Package

The Transition Handbook and the Training Package are 2 of the key tools produced by the RAMSES Project to support cities in their adaptation work.

The Transition Handbook embeds the most important findings from the project in a process management cycle, using the Urban Adaptation Support Tool developed by the European Environment Agency, and synthetises the project results in a practical step-by-step fashion, presenting resources that cities can use to strengthen their knowledge of climate ad...