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Die fünf Schritte des kommunalen Nachhaltigkeitsmanagements

Short video about sustainability management for municipalities in Germany (processes, actions and instruments)

ROCK Factsheet No. 2: Learning from each other

Cultural Heritage leading urban futures: This is the second of three factsheets, which will present the diverse facets of the ROCK project. This second one will refer to the knowledge exchange process among cities that are part of ROCK dealing with similar challenges, or the so-called ROCK Mentoring process.

Berliner Nachhaltigkeitsprofil

Berlin Sustainability Profile

Local Sustainability 2012

Global Review and Case Studies how cities and local governments have taken up the work towards sustainability.

Handbuch Projekt21

Einstieg in ein zyklisches Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement
Guidance on cyclical Sustainability Management for local governments

The Aalborg Commitments Implementation Guide - A 5 step approach

Main objective of this Implementation Guide is to support signatory Local Governments in responding to the requirements of the Aalborg Commitments.

Zyklisches Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement für Kommunen - Umsetzung der Aalborg Commitments in 5 Schritten

Hauptanliegen ist, Kommunen, die die Aalborg Commitments unterzeichnet haben, bei deren Umsetzung zu unterstützen/
Leading local governments through the Sustainability Cycle step by step

The Fano Guidelines

Building Capacity for Local Sustainability

Informed Cities Newsletter

The Newsletter shares and discusses activities and results of governance and social innovation research projects.