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Policy Brief #02: Collaborative Heritage Reuse: Enabling strong partnerships

Recommendations for policy makers, heritage officers, and planners at national and sub-national levels of government, as well as other initiators of adaptive heritage reuse projects to support the implementation of adaptive heritage reuse projects in Europe. The recommendations are based on studies in the OpenHeritage research project and, in particular, the report on the OpenHeritage Observatory Cases.

Energy Read 1: Social Innovation meets Energy

About the social dimension of energy transitions

SONNETexplored: What is social innovation in energy transitions?

SONNET project (SOcial iNNovation in Energy Transitions) brings diverse groups together to make sense of how social innovation can bring about a more sustainable energy sector in Europe.

Local Action Guide: Collaborative Approaches to Adaptive Reuse of Cultural Heritage

User-friendly instructional guide and tool catalogue for local leaders who would like to learn more about circular approaches to adaptive reuse of cultural heritage and how to implement a Local Action Plan for Adaptive Reuse of Cultural Heritage.

CLIC Pilot Local Action Plans: One Approach, Diverse Outcomes

Integrated planning approach for adaptive reuse of cultural heritage that can be tailoredto any sub-national scale (rural and urban).

WHITE PAPER AND RECOMMENDATIONS to the EU Urban Agenda partnership on culture and cultural heritage

Potential collaborations and synergies between ROCK and other European funded projects on cultural heritage as well as input to support the EU Urban Agenda Partnership for Culture and Cultural Heritage launched in November 2018.