28 January 2022

ICLEI Europe joins European Alliance for a Just Transition

ICLEI Europe is pleased to annouced that we have been admitted to the European Alliance for a Just Transition, a coalition spanning civil society, non-profit organisations and political actors all committed to pushing for just transition. Joining this alliance is in line with ICLEI Europe's stance on fostering just transition, committment to pursuing such transition in our own work, and aligns with the Mannheim Message.

The European Alliance for a Just Transition's calls include "re-shaping our economies, creating a new world of work, planning, and acting locally, tackling inequalities, mainstreaming Just Transition through policy". This mirrors the five core system changes outlined in the Mannheim Message, on which ICLEI Europe commited to take action when it published the Mannheim Message in September 2020. These systemic changes include: local economic development beyond growth and competition; cooperation, solidarity and inclusion; and re-orientation towards the common good.

ICLEI Europe is pleased to redouble our commitment to just transition by joining this Alliance, and we are proud to support the Alliance's Joint Declaration.

For more information, visit and follow @AllianceJT on twitter.