Save the Homes

2020 - 2023

Recognising that emissions from existing building stock must be cut by 80 - 90% by 2050 (2010 baseline), Sav€ the Homes seeks to tackle a number of supply and demand side barriers to help increase renovation rates in the EU from 1.2% per annum to a minimum of 3% to reach decarbonisation targets. To this end, the project will establish ‘Citizen Hubs’, a One-Stop-Shop (OSS) inspired concept, to make home renovation processes easier, faster and more affordable for homeowners. Via the OSS based service, manufacturers, service providers and architects can offer ‘integrated solutions’ and thus stimulate demand for renovation by meeting customers’ needs, ranging from individually tailored component renovations to full-service deep renovation solutions. Sav€ the Homes services will cover the whole customer journey, offering: technical assessments and support tools; legal/contractual support; affordable financing options; monitoring and verification services and independent homeowner advice.

Roman Mendle, Andreas Jaeger and Robert Morrow
  • València, Spain

Save the Homes receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Programme under Grant Agreement 892749.